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Emerald !


Cadastros Básicos

  • Tipo de depósito: Pegmatito
  • Commodity: Esmeralda
  • Estado: Minas Gerais / MG
  • País: Brasil
  • Latitude: 19° 42' 33'' S
  • Longitude: 43° 6' 2'' W
  • Tipo de acordo: Opções
  • Condições:
    We are looking for partners who want to benefit together. Venture Capital:US$ 2 Million / Sale:US$ 10 Million
  • Preço: 2,000,000.00
  • Moeda: United States Dollars

This is your best real opportunity here!

mineract, the best Exploration Consultants in Brazil, Offers.
Excellent area - the last area - in the Emerald district Itabira / Nova Era (MG), where the largest brazilian producers of emerald are standing next to. Here, in the Emerald district, the emerald stones are valued between US$ 0,20 to US$ 30,000 the ct (0.2 g) !!

See: 1 kg for emerald = US$ 1,000.00 < 150,000.000.00

Done: licences, surveying, studying geophysics, geological mapping surface.
To do: rotary drilling, trial mining and sell stones.

In Brazil we can sell minerals during prospecting and get very quick return on investment!